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Introducing Brands Milleni, Pierre Cardin and Morrissey



The extraordinary talents of Milleni’s principal stems from an architectural background and from this, in 1981, began manufacturing a range of exquisite handbags and wallets. As fore-runners in the industry, it became evident that meeting fashion needs at the most opportune time was a must and therefore, continual international travel and expansion of knowledge ahead of Australia was undertaken.

Milleni Leather Goods has evolved to meet the needs and wants of every astute, fashion conscience, customer from all ends of the scale.

handbags • women wallets • clutch • mens wallets



Needless to say that the Pierre Cardin brand has always and still does exudes quality and Milleni have created a special production sector to produce a magnificent range for the Pierre Cardin brand.

The most stringent aspects of quality of materials and workmanship provides the owner of a Pierre Cardin bag or wallet, the prestige, as well as practical and comfortable use of this elegant range.

italian leather handbags • backpacks • wallets • anti-theft nylon bags • business ranges • hard and soft luggage



Although Peter Morrissey’s self-titled fashion label ‘Morrissey’ was launched in 1997, Morrissey has been at the forefront of the Australian Fashion Industry for over 30 years. Cementing its dominance in the cut-throat world of fashion since the 80’s.

It’s chic, beautifully cut, sophisticated designs secured this brand as a major fashion player on the world stage.

The Morrissey fashion label soon expanded outside of creating fashion clothing items, designing various fashion accessories including handbags, wallets , luggage, other leather accessories for both men and women.

Again, Milleni has recognised this fashion brand to be at a level all on its own and appeal to the most discerning. When elegance is coupled with a well-known brand,  this of the essence in ownership of a Morrissey product.

italian structured leather handbags and wallets • business bags • high density nylon bags • mens wallets


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